A world-first project, using green hydrogen to heat homes, could be built in Fife if proposals are approved by energy regulator Ofgem.


SGN has asked the regulator for approval for its H100 Fife project to provide 300 homes in Levenmouth with energy generated from hydrogen.


The H100 Fife project has passed the initial screening submission process for Ofgem’s annual Network Innovation Competition and a full bid for funding will be submitted this summer.


If the bid is successful, a new 100% zero-carbon hydrogen network will be built in Levenmouth, producing hydrogen via an electrolysis plant powered by the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult‘s nearby offshore wind turbine.


New pipes will be laid alongside 1,000 properties, meaning home owners would have the choice of receiving their existing gas supply or the hydrogen alternative.


SGN hope to start construction in early 2021, with the plant operational within about three years.


The project will also provide critical evidence for a potential zero carbon energy source, helping to inform the UK’s long-term policy decisions for decarbonisation.


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