Investment in the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband (DSSB) programme met, and exceeded, its targets in Fife, councillors heard at today’s Economy, Tourism, Strategic Planning and Transportation Committee (14 March, 2019).
Councillors also backed the roll out of further digital activities to bring broadband to more parts of Fife. As the SSB programme comes to an end, Fife Council has committed to the Reaching 100% (R100) programme, a plan to extend superfast broadband access to every home and business in the country in Scotland, where it is needed most.

The committee:

  • Endorsed the closure report on the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband (DSSB) programme.
  • Noted that the programme met its target of 98.4% (indicative coverage figure based on computer modelling) of premises passed with fibre broadband (assuming commercial providers deliver their own investment programmes).
  • Backed the council’s input into the Reaching 100% (R100) programme- the follow-on Scottish Government programme.
  • Approved the proposed approach to encourage private sector investment in broadband infrastructure in Fife.

Fife Council invested £2.8m in the Scottish Government’s Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband Programme (SSB) to deliver additional coverage and to maximise the number of premises with access to faster fibre broadband.

More premises than ever across Fife can now upgrade through the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband roll out, which provided “gap funding” for areas that didn’t meet the investment criteria for the private sector’s commercial roll out plans. Thanks to the programme, 58,996 premises in Fife were connected to enabling fibre infrastructure by 2018. Further premises are being connected to enabling fibre infrastructure, with was 98.8% of premises passed with fibre broadband. Deployment will continue in 2019.

Cross-council working is in place to encourage continued private sector investment in digital infrastructure in Fife, and officers will support the delivery of the Reaching 100% (R100) programme, once procurement is concluded.

Cllr Altany Craik, (Convener – Economy, Tourism. Strategic Planning & Transportation Committee) from Fife Council said: “I am pleased that more areas across Fife can now access fibre broadband and more people are now able to get a superfast speed. Whether you are downloading a box set, a small business making transactions or just keeping in touch with friends, fibre broadband can make it all happen easily.

Fast internet access is essential for Fife–based firms and residents to increase connectivity, boost business growth and drive competitiveness. A high-speed connection has become almost as essential as gas, electricity and water.

“As the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband roll out comes to an end stage, we know that some areas still need better broadband, and that’s why we’re committed to the Reaching 100% (R100) programme – to ensure that we reach Fife’s harder-to-reach communities and places and create a fairer Fife.”

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