Members of Fife Council’s Central and West Planning Committee yesterday (Thursday 18 December) approved a planning application from Scottish Enterprise to redevelop Longannet power station.


Fife Council Co-Leader, Cllr David Ross, said: “The Longannet site is nationally significant and critically important locally.  The planning permission granted yesterday marks a significant step forward in the journey towards creating new employment and economic opportunities in the Kincardine area and beyond.


“This latest milestone builds upon the work of the Longannet Taskforce, whose focus has been to support the wider regeneration of the area following the power station’s closure in 2016.


“We now look forward to showcasing the site to ensure that this location, which has driven past industrial revolutions, will once again be a catalyst towards business activity that drives a renewed innovation-led economy.”


Fife Council Co-Leader, Cllr David Alexander, added: “Planning application approval will see approximately 74 hectares of the site made available for investors into the Kingdom, and will boost the economy within South and West Fife and across the wider region.


“We also seek to secure secondary investment within Fife, recognising that the Longannet site and its infrastructure connections give rise to significant opportunities across the wider area.  Around 1,000 jobs are expected to be created at Longannet.”


The plans to regenerate the site of Scotland’s last coal-fuelled power station also support the council’s wider aim of reducing carbon emissions.



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