Fife is home to 373,550 people. It makes a significant contribution to the Scottish economy with an annual business turnover of around Ā£12,500 million. As well as supporting over 10,000 businesses and around 150,000 jobs.

Fife Council publishes the following information about Fife’s economy and labour market on behalf of the Partnership.

To access a range of socio-economic, health and wellbeing information and statistics about Fife visit the KnowFife Dataset.


Monthly Economic Updates

These provide figures on the number of people claiming unemployment benefits in Fife and Fife’s employment and unemployment rates.


Fife’s Business BaseĀ 

The 2019 Fife Business Base ReportĀ Ā provides an overview of the type and performance of businesses that are operating in Fife. It contains information about the different industrial sectors in Fife, their size, people employed and their productivity rates.


Profiles of Fife’s SectorsĀ 


Visit the Office of National Statistics for more information on the labour market in Fife and other parts of the UK.