We are a business led partnership which brings together people from Fife’s business and public sector organisations.

As part of the Fife Community Planning Partnership, we identify and take forward policies and activities that help economic development in Fife.

Our main tasks are:

  • Setting the economic development priorities for Fife.

  • Overseeing the development and implementation of Fife’s Economic Strategy 2017-27.

  • Monitoring and reporting on progress towards implementing the Fife Economic Strategy Action Plan.

  • Promoting Fife’s case to the Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise.

  • Listening and engaging with businesses.

  • Acting as ambassadors for Fife in matters relating to economic development.

  • Making sure the public sector’s policies and activities support the growth of Fife’s economy.

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Interested in joining the Fife Economy Partnership?

A new structure for the Partnership has been set up to lead and oversee the delivery of Fife’s Economic Strategy.

If you are a business in Fife and are interested in joining the wider Fife Economy Partnership or one of its delivery groups, please email alison.laughlin@fife.gov.uk

Fife Economy Partnership Executive Group

The FEP Executive Group meets four times each year.  It is chaired by Michael Longstaffe, Chief Executive Officer of Smith Anderson.

Our Members

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You can download the notes of the meetings of the Fife Economy Partnership’s Executive Group below:


Papers from the meetings of the previous Fife Economy Partnership:

Archive papers from 2015: