Public sector tackles key issues and builds on City Region Deal. 


Skills Development Scotland (SDS) has said that a reduction in immigrant workers due to Brexit, the rise in the number of older staff hitting retirement, and poor transport links are all factors that could stall economic growth in Edinburgh and South East Scotland.


To help deal with these issues SDS, along with a range of partners, has launched a new Skills Investment Plan (SIP) for the region. It will ensure all public sector agencies work more effectively together to meet the needs of employers and locals while encouraging economic growth and tackling inequality.


Spanning Edinburgh, Fife, West Lothian, Midlothian, East Lothian and Scottish Borders, the plan was welcomed by Angela Leitch, Chief Executive of East Lothian Council and Chair of the Skills and Innovation Workstream Group for the region.


She said: “This is a time of real opportunity and change. While there is diverse employment and a growing business base – with opportunities across a range of key sectors such as retail, tourism, financial services, health and social care – it’s essential that the new investment in the region benefits our own communities with a focus on inclusive growth.


Read the full article on the Skills Development Scotland website.



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