Primary schools across Fife have been among the first to start using new innovative career education tools available on Scotland’s careers website, My World of Work.


The three digital tools available have been designed for pupils in primaries 5-7 and their teachers to support career education in the classroom:

  • Animal Me – a personality quiz which helps start conversations with children about their skills and qualities and how these might relate to work by matching children with an animal that shares their personality traits. The interactive tool also provides information to the pupil on their personality, skills and the types of careers that might suit them.
  • Skills Builder – enables children to begin building their own skills profiles and highlights to children how the skills and values they learn outside of school link to the world of work.
  • My Interests – identifies the children’s interests and how they can help them in the future.


Packed with information, advice and tools for people of all ages, My World of Work supports the work of Skills Development Scotland (SDS) careers advisers in schools and careers centres.


Cllr Altany Craik, Convener – Economy, Tourism, Strategic Planning & Transportation Committee at Fife Council, said: “Young people start soaking up ideas about careers from a very young age – and it’s never too young to start thinking about career options.


Skills Development Scotland’s My World of Work includes a wide range of online tools, information and advice to help people develop career management skills and career planning. All this is supporting Fife’s Developing the Young Workforce plan to ensure that all pupils secure the skills that prepare them for their future career.


“Fife Council is committed to providing young people with the right education, training and experience to get into fulfilling jobs and careers. We’re working hard to ensure that young people have access to a range of quality work-based learning opportunities and careers advice to enhance learning and prepare them for work.


“This is one of a range of programmes that are taking place Fife to produce motivated, work-ready pupils and promote a Fairer Fife.”


Susan Rees, SDS Partner Development & Integration Executive, said: “The response from schools across Fife in their use of the career education tools on My World of Work has been impressive, and shows the impact that the tools can have for young people and their teachers.


“Both the Education Department and Fife’s Developing the Young Workforce Board have been forward thinking in embracing the tools. Working closely with them, I’ve visited all the primary school clusters to deliver information sessions and training, and will continue to support teachers as they embed the tools into their teaching.”


Torbain Primary School is taking a wide-ranging approach to delivering careers education to pupils. For example, the school hosts an annual careers fair, which is attended by a number of employers, and learning from this was reinforced using My World of Work’s tools. Torbain Primary School pupils are using My World of Work’s tools for primary 5-7 pupils as part of their school’s drive to embed career education that could suit their personality type across the curriculum. Over 100 pupils have already used the digital resource, and found it hugely beneficial.


Claire Dingwall, Principal Teacher, Torbain Primary School, said: “My World of Work supports the work we’re doing in the classroom in an interesting, interactive and accessible way. It’s increasing pupils’ awareness of potential jobs that they could one day be doing, and opening their eyes to types of careers that they maybe didn’t realise exist. The digital tools provide an interesting and engaging way to highlight skills to young people and for self-assessment. As feedback is specific, pupils can start thinking about their skills, qualities and strengths, and how they can get even better in these areas.”


Torbain takes part in a range of other programmes that develop essential workplace skills by challenging childrens’ team building, creativity and enterprising skills. For example, it is one 15 primary schools across Fife that have taken part in Fife Council’s 4 to Fortune Challenge, where pupils are challenged to raise as much money as they can for charity – starting with just £4. The primary 6/7s have four weeks to use their cash to make, mend and buy items they can sell.


Torbain also offers jobs to primary 7 pupils throughout the school, that help them develop their skills and experience of working life.


Forming links between schools and local businesses boost the career prospects and workplace skills of young people. Find out more about Developing the Young Workforce in Fife and get involved.


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