The achievements of young people with disabilities and health issues in completing a Modern Apprenticeship Academy Programme were recently celebrated at an Accessible Fife awards ceremony.


Accessible Fife is designed to tackle the imbalance of people with disabilities and health issues entering Modern Apprenticeships.  Currently only around 3% of apprenticeship take-ups are by people with disabilities and health issues.


Some of the young people receiving awards at the Accessible Fife Awards ceremony; left – Robbie Young

The initiative, a partnership between Fife Council’s Supported Employment Service, Skills Development Scotland, Fife Voluntary Action, Capability Scotland and Fife Employment Access Trust,  offers young people a two week pre-apprenticeship Academy Course and the opportunity to undertake a work placement.


Three third sector employers, Cambo Estate, Fife Ecology Centre and Fife Centre for Equalities have offered work placement and apprenticeship opportunities for the young people who completed the training. Fife Council have offered Guaranteed Interviews in entry level positions such as Catering, Child Care and Janitorial Services.


On the 10 March, the initiative held an awards ceremony at the Carnegie Conference Centre in Dunfermline


Robbie Young, who took part in the course, said:“I took part in a placement with Fife Centre for Equalities. This helped me to see that having a disability or health issue doesn’t define you. I learned so much about the sector that I want to work in, and want to thank everyone for the experience I’ve been given. From CV Building and growing in confidence, I have developed some essential skills for moving forward into the work place”


Angela Hamilton, Team Manager, Fife Council’s Supported Employment Service, added:“This is a unique programme in Scotland. We need to promote the success of Accessible Fife and make sure that more opportunities like this are made available to other young people in Fife with similar backgrounds.  We’ve proven that disability or health issues are not a barrier to entering a Modern Apprenticeship.


If you are an employer and would like to offer opportunities for people with disabilities or health issues, or are looking for advice about employees you already have with disabilities or health issues please contact the Supported Employment Service on 01592 583142.


Article posted – 20 March 2017

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